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Greg Pullen, Executive Officer

Executive Officer


Summary of Experience

Greg Pullen has been a regional economic development practitioner since the mid 1970s.
Working in various roles across NSW as a research demographer, labour market economist, econometrician, business advisor and investment development advisor, Greg has wide experience at the frontline with developing regional growth and a variety of industry sector investment.

For 37 years Greg has worked on the south coast of NSW as the Shoalhaven’s Economic Development Manager. This role provided Greg with experience in working in many business sectors: Defence and Aviation Support; Manufacturing; Education; Construction; Transport & Logistics; Agribusiness; Medical Education; and many other business sectors.

Describing himself as a “Regional Economist”, Greg understands transport logistics and how to make a case for infrastructure improvements.  Greg has been involved in many of the major improvements to transport infrastructure as an advocate, strategist, lobbyist, writer of grant application and project administrator for road, rail, sea and air based projects across NSW.

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