Proudly advocating for transport infrastructure in South East Australia

SEATS has developed the South East Transport Strategy which collectively identifies a number of Priority Projects that go beyond the boundaries of individual local Councils and benefit the entire region and beyond. Our goal is to advocate for an effective integrated transport network that stimulates economic growth, that is sustainable, sensitive to the environment and enhances communities.

The attraction of investment to these transport and infrastructure projects through strong advocacy will significantly improve the efficiency of the transport network across the region, support sustainable growth, boost the economic competitiveness, improve employment prospects and enhance communities through improved, safer access to job opportunities, vital health, education and business services. The benefits will flow on to communities through connectivity government services and to sport and recreational facilities.

We proudly advocate for transport in our region


Interchanges, Bypass, Heavy Vehicle Road Management, Truck Stops, Truck Washes, Building and strengthening bridges, Road widening, Embracing the Princes Highway Corridor Project


Rail hubs and intermodal terminals, Rail spurs, Rail passing lanes, Fast rail projects, “Road to Rail” projects and working with Industry


Regional port development, Hastings port focus, Port Kembla, Port Eden, Coastal shipping, Inland ports


Airports in the SEATS region with Regular Passenger Traffic include: Canberra Merimbula Moruya Shellharbour Military Airbases: HMAS Albatross RAAF East Sale Regional air services are vital for the economic growth…

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